Satisfied with life people are aging slower

Satisfied with life people are aging slower


To be satisfied with life, not necessarily to be rich – just need to be able to see and appreciate the best moments. Satisfied with life people are aging slower. This could ubeditsya from University College London, the study told the journal CMAJ.

Experts have found that older people who are happy with their lives age more slowly, according to scientists, “decline in physical function with age is slower than unhappy people.” Before coming to this conclusion, researchers analyzed data from more than 3 million people aged 60 years.

Researchers were interested in the correlation between emotional and physical health of people, so the subjects are divided into categories, which satisfied people’s lives, and mourn for life. The men were followed for 8 years.

After the first phase when tested sense of enjoyment of life, experts have been identifying volunteers the presence of bodily problems. In particular, people have been estimated problems with getting out of bed, dressing, showering, walking. It turned out that the people who were happy with their lives, were significantly superior in terms of physical well-being dissatisfied with life peers, and slower aging. Experts believe that the enjoyment of life correlates with future disability and mobility limitations, typical signs of old age.

“People with little sense of enjoyment of life, had three times more likely to face problems in daily activities compared to the happy life. These people quickly grow old,” – stated in the result, the authors of the project.
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