Rules for effective conversations from five experts – Likar.Info

Rules for effective conversations from five experts – Likar.Info


The ability to communicate is important for both professional activities and personal life. We have collected the rules of effective communication from the famous and successful in different spheres of people to improve your communication skills.

Neil Barton, a psychologist and author of several books, including Heaven and hell: the psychology of emotions

Pass the idea clearly

It goes without saying. Everything you say must be clear and concise. If people have the feeling that you are confused or say something just to fill the pause/or embarrassment, they will stop listening to you. In further communication with you will try to avoid. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have something to say, before you open your mouth.

Use non-verbal methods of communication

Think creatively. Maintain and improve your thoughts using non-verbal tools, such as a chart, PowerPoint presentation or video. Much better to send the message via multiple media, which will be perceived as aurally and visually.

Make sure that sobesednika understand

Talking about something, periodically check whether all is clear before moving on or to end the conversation. Asking his interlocutor (s) to translate what has been said in your own words, you are not only checking understanding but also reinforcing learning.

Peter Economy, author of over 100 books, including managing for dummies and the Ability to manage

Voice your expectations – don’t force people to read your mind

Hardly anyone around you uses a crystal ball. People can’t read your mind, so don’t expect them to know about your expectations, if you frequently and clearly mention them. To voice their thoughts, then communication will be much more efficient and productive.

Avoid negative expressions

Instead of trying to crush people, help them to get ready. If you hear employees or customers complain about something, most likely, there’s a reason. Check it out!Create positive relationships at work and in person is nice and helpful.

Agree or not agree just do not shy away from answering

If you say, as a person who communicates openly, honestly and directly. Just do not confuse directness with rudeness. Communication will be more effective if you say it like it is, instead, to make things ambiguous.

Floor-Hall, a therapist dealing with sex and relationships, the author of numerous books about improving relationships, sex addiction and divorce

Choose the right time

Make sure that you and your partner are relaxed, not in a hurry and no one will disturb us.

Don’t interrupt

Even if you are 100 percent sure that your partner is worth no more to say, keep your mouth shut and let him finish. If you want to have your partner have put it better myself, become for him the best listener.

Avoid sarcasm, long monologues and reading other people’s thoughts

Do not try to manipulate the situation to your advantage. If you are talking with your partner or act as would not have them do unto you, ask yourself why.

Barbara Stens, lecturer, President and owner of American consulting company Resources Unlimited

Tell me about the benefits for the other person

Showing what benefit other people will get from your offer, you increase the chances of successful negotiations. To do this, you must emphasize the advantages of his proposal and to explain how they will improve his or her life.

Remember non-verbal signals

Did you know that an important role in communication played by non-verbal signals? The message you convey via your facial expressions and gestures that directly affect the reaction of the opponent. For this reason, your verbal and nonverbal messages must be consistent, otherwise you will send mixed signals and will not achieve the desired result.

Plan the conversation in advance

When you think through the topic, try to imagine what kind of reaction she is likely to cause a person. Plan different ways of communication, and prepare for each of them.

Terry gross, the American host, Executive producer of the American radio show Fresh Air

Be curious

You should be extremely curious and eagerly listen to what tells you the source. So you will always be able to answer, to Express their feelings of sympathy and empathy, and to explain why they have occurred.

Use the phrase tell me about yourself

You only need three words to avoid an awkward conversation on the blind date and at a noisy party. It’s very nice to start a conversation with tell me about yourself, as there will be fears that you make the other feel awkward or shyness. This broad question allows the interviewee to make it clear to you what kind of person he is.

Monitor the situation

Carefully transfer the conversation to topics you want to talk. If someone asks you a question and you can’t find a good answer, saying, Let me share my experience. And then you can talk about your experience that highlights your talents and strengths.