Reader phone: Safe driving in old age

Reader phone: Safe driving in old age


Mobile and to remain independent, a means for people in the higher age a piece of quality of life. However, with age, can health problems, the impact on the ability to drive. What helps the own driving fitness to realistically assess and what there is to observe in chronic diseases and medications, in addition to experts of the German traffic safety Council (DVR), will speak on Thursday, 29. November, at free reader phone.


Thursday, 29. November 2018 from 15 to 18 PM 0800 – 0 60 40 00

The call is out to all German networks free of charge.

While the cars are subjected to every two years, a technical inspection to check their safety, the drivers of the cars only once in the life of a test: the driving test. Figures from the Federal Statistical office show that Provided over 64-year-old Car were a driver involved in an accident, and wore them very often (66.9 percent) the main fault. In the case of a minimum 75-Year-old, there were even 74.3 percent. Again and again, Calls are therefore mandatory fitness to drive checks for elderly driving License holders, according to.

Traffic safety experts such as Sandra Demuth from the DVR to rely on the personal responsibility of those Concerned: "Older drivers can have in voluntary health checks, eyesight, hearing, agility, attention and reaction speed check. Also the function of heart, liver and nervous system will be examined, as well as the possible effects of age-related diseases and Medikamenten". In addition to the house doctor is the traffic woke up, automobile clubs, driving schools and the DVR to the right person, when it comes to maintaining or improving driving fitness. In each of the driving lessons seniors can have a driving instructor to check how you behave in a specific driving situation. And in driver safety training, you can improve your driving safety in complex traffic situations, when braking or on slippery surfaces.

What helps me the own driving ability realistically? How can the driving fitness in old age exercise? How can I raise the issue as a pair? What is the impact of disease and medications on the Driving performance? When it’s time, on other means of transport and what Alternatives do I have, exactly? All questions relating to driving ability in old age, experts answer at 29. November, between 15 and 18 o’clock.

On the phone 0800 – 0 60 40 00

  • Prof. Dr. Georg Rudinger; A spokesman for the centre for ancient cultures at the University of Bonn (ZAK) for the Federal Association of senior citizens organisations e. V. (BAGSO)
  • Prof. Dr. med. Michael Falkenstein; Dipl.-Psych., Dipl.-Ing., Director of the ALA Institute for Learning aging GmbH, Bochum
  • Sandra Demuth; Unit head of public Relations initiatives/events, the German road safety Council (DVR)