Of Smoking mothers children often suffer from obesity

Of Smoking mothers children often suffer from obesity


Tobacco use during pregnancy increases the risk of obesity in the unborn child. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Kentucky.

Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk that the future child will become a victim of obesity. The study authors noted that the number of women smokers in a state of pregnancy, in the United States has been steadily declining, but a growing number of those who considers normal use hemp, baby. Still, doctors are expressing concerns about nicotine addiction among young women and girls, especially against the background of rising popularity of electronic cigarettes. A new study showed that Smoking during pregnancy increases the child organism the amount of a specific protein, which subsequently contributes to the rapid weight gain.

This discovery sheds light on a phenomenon identified in the previous study, which was not fully explained. Previously, scientists have shown a link between Smoking during pregnancy and underweight baby and preterm delivery. But now there is increasing evidence that this habit adversely affects the health of the child in the long term. Scientists have proven that chemical substances from cigarette smoke can pass the placenta, which leads to increased levels of a molecule called RARRES2.

This protein is associated with obesity, and the more strongly it is expressed in the body, the higher the likelihood that the child will be large amounts of excess weight. RARRES2 produced by fat cells and in the blood of people with obesity it is present in very large quantities. (READ MORE)