Not eating breakfast until 11am could add 20 years to your lifespan

Not eating breakfast until 11am could add 20 years to your lifespan


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While longevity can be a difficult goal to achieve, “easy” lifestyle changes could go a long way. Starting your day with breakfast at 11am boosts your longevity with gusto. In fact, this eating protocol could help reduce your risk of serious health problems like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning, Dr Julia Jones, neuroscientist and author of the book F-Bomb Longevity Made Easy, shared that not eating breakfast until 11am is a simple tweak that could add 20 years to your lifespan.

Dr Jones said: “Just to give our system a rest, so try and leave 16 hours overnight, fasting, and then eat within an eight-hour period.

“A lot of research is now showing that we’re just eating too often, and we’re eating the wrong things obviously, but we’re eating too often.

“To give your digestive system a rest, and let other cellular pathways and important housekeeping processes kick in, can help reset those cells.


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