Noise which may lead to a stroke or heart attack

Noise which may lead to a stroke or heart attack


The impact of noise from the environment contributes to cardiovascular disease, particularly strokes and heart attacks, the conclusion about it was published on MediicalXpress American physicians, representing the Massachusetts General hospital in Boston. In favor of the opinions of experts indicated by the results of a study involving 500 patients.

The researchers found that people who are forced to exist in conditions of constant exposure to noise from the environment (e.g. living close to airports or roads with active traffic), is more susceptible to strokes and heart attacks, as the level of inflammation in the arteries is much higher than those who live in a more relaxed atmosphere. The study showed that such people have a more active amygdala of the brain responsible for the regulation of stress and emotional reactions.

“The greater the level of inflammation of the arteries due to noise exposure in three times increases the risk of heart attack and stroke,” stated the authors.
During the project 500 patients by age (on average) 56 years, passed through positron emission and computed tomography of the brain and blood vessels. In addition, the places of residence of the parties, the experts measured the levels of noise exposure.

The performance of the body and health in the voluntary research participants were recorded by physicians with a difference of five years. During this time, victims of heart attacks and strokes were 40 people, mostly, they all lived in places where the noise was constant.

In 2017, the study of Swiss scientists from the Institute of tropical medicine and public health studied the impact of traffic noise on human health, presented evidence that even minor noise may have a negative impact on the human body. Experts have concluded that sufficient noise level of 40-45 decibels (corresponds to soft music or ordinary noises in the house) that violated mechanisms of allocation of the stress hormone and insulin metabolism.

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