NAP brain

NAP brain


Professional Russian somnology Alexei Katyshev has declared that the day should be sleep – especially those who work. Daytime sleep helps “reset” the brain, says the expert.

The sleep highlights: sleep during the day is not only possible but also necessary, as the pace of modern life does not allow people to sleep properly at night. First of all, NAPs are necessary for those who are working hard – in the first place, if work requires mental effort, creativity. Daytime sleep in this case will be a holiday for the body, and improve the process of assimilation of information and makes the mind more productive, stated the specialist.

“During sleep, the brain distributes information in the following ways: as needed – in long-term memory, once on the periphery of consciousness. After that there is a “reset” and you with new forces begin their duties”, – said Alexei Katyshev, adding that daytime sleep helps the brain to better sort the information.
The specialist explained that the most effective “reboot” of the brain NAPs will be provided, that person will not sleep for more than an hour – maybe 20-40 minutes. To ensure a similar day pause sleep, sleep recommended to drink coffee. According to him, the activity of caffeine in the body starts acting in 20-30 minutes after consumption. So, drinking a Cup of coffee, you can sleep just on a small, but such necessary to optimize the operation of the brain.

Lack of sleep is a major cause of ill health, as it negatively affects the immune system, accelerates the aging process and has a devastating effect on many internal organs. People who don’t get enough sleep, are more likely to be victims of accidents, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and depression. In favor of the opinion of the Russian somnology say data collected by French scientists, according to this information, NAPs lasting 30 minutes helps to restore damage caused by a chronic lack of sleep.

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