Lack of sleep in children leads to obesity

Lack of sleep in children leads to obesity


According to the data presented in issledovaniiakh Rutgers University (USA), lack of sleep in children under the age of 17 contributes to the processes that eventually lead to immobility, excess weight and obesity. About it reported in a press release on MedicalXpress.

“Lack of sleep in children contributes to unhealthy eating habits leads to obesity and sedentary lifestyle,” said experts after a survey of more than 177 thousand children aged 8 to 17 years.
This work has shown that almost 40% of children exist in conditions of lack of sleep, that is sleeping for less time than recommended by doctors. In particular, among project participants, children under 12 years old slept less than nine hours a day, and children older than 12 years less than eight hours a day, which is insufficient for the growing organism at this age.

The results of observations suggests that lack of sleep in children is closely correlated with not the most healthy habits. Children and adolescents who sleep less than the allotted time, skip Breakfast, eat a lot of fast food and sweet, as well as more physically lazy, preferring a passive pastime. Scientists concluded that all these factors lead to overweight and obesity development.

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