In clinics for the treatment of infertility sell unnecessary services

In clinics for the treatment of infertility sell unnecessary services


Some clinics infertility treatment take customers a lot of money for extra options that do not increase the likelihood of conception. This was stated by British experts.

Every year more and more couples who cannot naturally have children, go to the clinic for the treatment of infertility treatment of in vitro fertilization. Private clinics effectively exploit not only the psychological condition of the spouses, but also their financial situation, according to the British Office for the fertilization and embryology of man. It experts said that in some clinics sell very expensive additional options for IVF, although the science there is not the slightest evidence that they do work and bring some effect.

In British clinics for the treatment of infertility cost of these options like specific “glue” or quite painful “scratches”, which is applied in order to help the embryo to adhere to the walls of the uterus, can reach 3,500 pounds. In reality not one of these options does not bring positive results and increases the likelihood of conception. And some may even harm the attempts of women to get pregnant and increase the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, and kidney failure.

Options EKO are sold for the reason that they bring to the clinics the money. Customers are not provided an exhaustive amount of information about the effectiveness of these options, they only offer carefully to a particular choice, it follows that for the extra money they somehow get more dramatic results of IVF. But every kind of sentences like “artificial activation of eggs” where the egg is stimulated by chemical substances for proper development of the embryo after fertilization, is not only ineffective, but also increase the risk of miscarriage. The same can be said about the use of various acids and lasers to ensure that the embryo “came out” through the shell proteins. (READ MORE)