Identified ideal traits of character

Identified ideal traits of character


Psychologists from the University of California in the United States called ideal traits of human nature. The result of their search for the ideal type of personality published in the journal of The Cut.

To identify the ideal traits of human nature, living in our time, the researchers conducted a survey. In the result, they formulated a set of psychological character traits, which we would call ideal. Scientists have described it as a Healthy Personality, Healthy personality.

In their interviews the respondents were psychologists, and students of faculties of psychology. Subjects were asked 30 of their personal characteristics, which they had to arrange by priority. As a result, scientists were able to figure out what character is perfect.

“For the perfect character required three traits: the open expression of feelings, positive and straightness,” – said the authors of the project.
In General, according to them, a psychologically healthy person typically Express emotion, honesty, warmth, friendliness, confidence, immediacy, and resistance to stress.

Scientists believe that a person’s character can affect health. Available scientific data suggest that people, who were in youth discipline and organization, have in the future more advantageous physical shape, interesting personality have a higher IQ.

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