How to diagnose brain cancer in children

How to diagnose brain cancer in children


Brain cancer in children is very difficult the diagnosis, which is confirmed by the doctors themselves. Scanning equipment is not always able to immediately “see” the tumor. At the same time, experts note that attentive parents may suspect the existence of brain cancer in children and in the home.

Every year brain cancer 1.2 thousand sick children. According to the Professor of the Russian scientific center of roentgenology and radiology Olga Zheludkova, science still does not know what is the cause of the tumor in child brain.

“Diagnosing brain cancer adults easier as the brain childrens plastic and compressed under the pressure of the tumor, causing symptoms do not manifest immediately,” – said the scientist.

According to another expert-oncologist Michael Gentle, in the diagnosis of brain cancer in children, the most reliable method careful observation of parents. He spoke about the fact that modern diagnosis is the care of parents includes sophisticated imaging (CT, MRI), harm from which may be in total more than good.

What can parents see in children?

Unexplained nausea and vomiting. These symptoms are not in all cases indicate brain cancer, but be wary you need. Especially if the kids feel sick in the morning, and in addition, there is still a headache.

Poor growth. This symptom is often ignored. Meanwhile, children who do not grow, it is necessary to show the neurologists.

Olga Zheludkova added that in the case of a diagnosis of brain cancer in children of parents in any case, no need to panic – survival in childhood brain cancer is very high. In Russia this type of cancer is well operated, although often the term surgery seems to be something very tragic. In fact, the scientist emphasized, modern methods of neurosurgery allow to operate with very minimal risks associated with the intervention of the surgeon.

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