“How many more must occur tragedies to be heard”

“How many more must occur tragedies to be heard”


Parents of children with disabilities ask the Russian President to reconsider the size of the miserable allowance paid to people caring for a critically ill person. The petition to equate the allowance to care for a disabled person to the minimum wage has attracted more than 763 thousand. Third December, international day of persons with disabilities, in 11 cities of Russia has passed the all-civil action #PODNIMAETSYA.

To picket in Perm, Kazan, Kursk, Voronezh and other Russian cities left dozens of people. They were all forced to leave work in order to care for a seriously ill family member and became his dependent.

Today, for the benefit of man, has no other income is 1.2 thousand rubles to care for the adult disabled, and 5.5 thousand rubles for one on hand is a handicapped child. Care for people with disabilities de jure are unemployed, and after retirement age are deprived and nursing benefits, which gets harder. While to date, pensioners are entitled to receive a pension and work, but to retire and receive benefits for care not.

Photo: Andrew Vasin

We write about Thomas, and we answer about Eremu, says Starkov. On 13 November in Togliatti was a terrible tragedy: a young woman picked up her 13-year-old son with a disability and jumped out the window. Both died on the spot. How many more must tragedies happen to hear us? Our current rallies and pickets to appeal directly to the President as the guarantor of the Constitution. The Russian Federation is a social state, which is obliged to care for all citizens appeared in a difficult situation.

Irina Reznik