Homemade remedy for inflamed gums

Homemade remedy for inflamed gums


Sick, swollen gums should be treated by an experienced dentist. However, there are some home remedies that can boost the effectiveness of treatment.

If you suffer from edema, painful inflammations and other irritations of the gums, you need to visit the dentist. A qualified doctor will understand the causes of this ailment and prescribe treatment. It is possible that at the initial stage they will be specific hygienic procedures like professional cleaning of dental stones, and later some other methods. But there are home remedies that enhance the effectiveness of this therapy. One of them can be called clove oil, which treat the problems with oral for many centuries. Clove oil has anti-inflammatory effects, it reduces the swelling of the gums. Finally, this oil is analgesic in nature, so it also help to reduce the level of pain. Clove oil recommend apply on the sore gums and massage it in with fingers to RUB it.

Don’t forget about a simple and effective thing like salt water. When any disease of the mouth it is better to rinse it with water and salt. This will neutralize the pH and has a positive effect on inflamed gums due to anti-inflammatory effects. Good effect in this matter provides ginger, which can treat a variety of disorders, including the problem with the teeth. Ginger is a powerful antioxidant, it is effective against swelling and inflammation. The greatest effect gives the pasta on the basis of ginger, which is best applied on inflamed gums.

At the end of our list is baking soda also has antiseptic and antibacterial effects. It reduces inflammation of the gums. A certain amount of baking soda, add water, stir and rinse your mouth. You can also make a choice in favor of lemon juice has antibacterial components that kill bacteria that lead to infections and swelling of the gums. (READ MORE)