Hangover cure: Best smoothie to get over symptoms so you can enjoy Christmas Day

Hangover cure: Best smoothie to get over symptoms so you can enjoy Christmas Day


Lorraine: Dr Amir shares tips for curing hangovers

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“Forget hair of the dog,” says Lola Biggs; instead, a smoothie could be the best drink for you. If you need rescuing from the excessive drinking done on Christmas Eve, you’re in the right place. Quick and easy to make, nutritious, and hydrating, Lola shares her hangover-busting smoothie recipe. Blend together frozen berries, bananas, spinach, ginger, and coconut water.

While berries are “rich in antioxidants”, the potassium content in bananas can “help settle an upset tum”.

Meanwhile, spinach, ginger and coconut water can help with hydration.

“Coconut water is naturally packed in electrolytes and minerals, so it’s really beneficial for the body,” Lola explains.

“Booze can leave your body feeling inflamed, so you might also want to incorporate some healing herbs, such as curcumin and turmeric, which can help treat nausea,” she adds.

Described as the “morning after rescue”, Lola says this smoothie “works wonders at helping you rehydrate and quells hangover symptoms”.

Hangover symptoms

Drinkaware lists common symptoms of a hangover, which include: a headache, nausea, tiredness, and dehydration.

“A hangover can leave you struggling to concentrate, feeling irritable and sensitive to light,” Drinkaware noted.

“Not a good combination if you were planning to make the most of the day and not spend it in bed.”

Agreeing with Lola, experts at Drinkaware warned that hair of the dog “only delays the problem”.

After the rush of seeing loved one’s opening their presents, if you need to boost your energy levels, coffee may not be the way to go.

“Try sipping some herbal teas in the morning,” Lola suggests, recommending fennel, nettle and aniseed.

“These are excellent at supporting liver detoxification and repair,” she explains.

“Ginger, mint, and lemon-based varieties also help minimise nausea and a hangover.”

As for breakfast, Lola recommends cooking some eggs, which are one of her “favourite morning-after cures”.

“The liver works in overdrive to neutralise the toxin acetaldehyde using an amino acid called L-cysteine,” Lola says.

“Eggs are a brilliant source of this amino acid so get scrambling!”

Lola adds that “booze zaps the body’s store of minerals including Vitamin C”.

“Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant that helps your body recover from the ingested toxins as it speeds up metabolism and is essential for immune function and energy production,” she explains.

Thankfully, Brussels sprouts are a good source of vitamin C, so you can top up by the time Christmas dinner is served.

Dietician Lola Biggs is a spokesperson for all natural, vegan vitamin brand Together Health.

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