Got laughed at for 17 hours a day the child found a brain tumor

Got laughed at for 17 hours a day the child found a brain tumor


Laughed at for 17 hours a day the child does not showed so its a surprisingly good mood. It turned out that the cause of these fits of laughter is a rare brain tumor.

Little Jack young from Somerset English at first was a pleasant surprise for their parents. Most babies start crying day and night, and Jack continued to laugh happily. Sometimes he’d start cracking up almost the whole day, which gave considerable pleasure to his mom and dad. However, even they noticed that a normal child can not be so long and continuously laugh. Even at night the boy woke up and instead of crying he started to laugh, which seemed very strange. Parents took young Jack to the hospital and after a scan it was found that the fits of laughter caused by hamartomas of the hypothalamus – a benign brain tumor.

This tumor specific provoked epileptic seizures, sometimes called fits of laughter. Tumors of this kind occur in one person in every 200 thousand. And now, two years after the start of the bouts of laughter that could last from morning until late at night, the now four-year-old Jack still went through a surgery that lasts 10 hours, during which he removed a brain tumor. Immediately after the fits of laughter the boy stopped.

Hamartoma of the hypothalamus is a small benign tumor of the brain, causing seizures, behavioral problems, and memory loss. It is quite difficult to diagnose, but even more difficult to treat. Some holders of this tumor first quite moderate symptoms appear only after years, and they are blamed on psychological problems. However, most children with hamartoma hypothalamus the most common symptoms are frequent daily seizures, including spontaneous laughter, laughter or crying. Most often this disorder is treated with antiepileptic drugs, as well as through surgery. (READ MORE)

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