Frequent mood swings may indicate schizophrenia

Frequent mood swings may indicate schizophrenia


Scientists have noted that the frequent mood swings may indicate a developing schizophrenia. This disease of the psyche is quite rare – it affected only 1% of the total population, but a very serious and progressive.

That is why it is extremely important not to miss the initial stage of schizophrenia, in order that the person can be either by medical treatment to return to normal life. One of the first signs of development of this pathology are the frequent mood swings that others are not always perceived as an alarming signal that such behavior may be charged by them for a mid-life crisis, stress or depression. The disease is not defined by any medical research, including MRI analysis. To correctly diagnose it can only doctor who spent a comprehensive long-term monitoring.

Often the first signs of schizophrenia manifest themselves in 15-25 years of age and are expressed in isolation, difficulties with communication, frequent change of emotional background, and only later manifest hallucinations, delusions and corruption conversational skills.

Experts urge citizens in the event of comments for their friends to any strange behavior in the first place, to talk to him eye to eye as often subjects of the disease, the people themselves are aware that they was something wrong. During confidential conversations a person can push the desire to seek medical help, because in case of neglect of schizophrenia the chance to completely stabilize the condition of the sick is quite high.