Family, volunteering, a beauty contest: life after was one of them

Family, volunteering, a beauty contest: life after was one of them


The second of December, Moscow will host the final stage of the competition Mrs. Moscow 2018. Among the finalists undergoing breast cancer mother of ten triplets. 43-year-old lawyer Natalia Lavrik was not only able to overcome his disease, but also joined the work of the organization, which helps struggling with cancer people.

Like many cancer patients, Natalia never thought about what trouble will affect her. Work, family, taking care of the younger Agnes, Sofia, and Gleb occupied all the time. And when I realized that the seriously ill, not showed unconstrained doctors believe the tumor Natalia benign fibroadenoma. The correct diagnosis showed only made shortly before the surgery histologic analysis. I find it difficult to pass over me feelings of fear, anger, pain, resentment, and the most important question :God, why??? I could not put up with it. Everything has ceased to matter – I was no longer important what happens on my job, what assessment has my children in school and whether there is free entry for a manicure. I just wanted to live. Each week lasting solutions to fight and fight, ended in tantrums. Thank God that was next to the husband!

Morally it became easier only after the operation, says Natalya: the feeling that all evil has been removed, gave a lot of hope on life. She felt gratitude to doctors who saved her and, above all, the doctor operated on her head. surgical otdelencheskoy city cancer hospital No. 62, laureate of the State prize, doctor of medical Sciences Alexander Burlakov.

Natalia Lavrik with children. Photo: N. Lavrik

Now that I’m healthy and my family is happy with it, I want to wish all who are beginning the path to healing: Let Your faith be stronger than the fear and then do it! And all healthy, successful and beautiful I strongly suggest finding the time and to undergo annual examinations. Because all I now regret is lost time.

Breast cancer is a growing problem worldwide. Every year in our country registered more than 50 thousand new cases of this disease in the future this number will increase. In the Arsenal of modern medicine there are effective means of dealing with malignant tumors of the breast, however to apply them it is necessary in a timely manner. Modern techniques allow not only to save lives but to preserve the quality of life, saving women from the trauma of losing a breast. But cancer patients often do not have enough information and psychological support. And then, according to ontopsychology, support self-help groups and peer counselors (people with experience of living with a cancer diagnosis) at all stages of treatment and rehabilitation cannot be overemphasized.

Irina Reznik