Expiry date exceeded? Milk products must not be disposed of

Expiry date exceeded? Milk products must not be disposed of


Milk products must not necessarily equal in the ton

“Smell me! Try me!“ call on the packaging of milk products, more recently, the consumer at ALDI Süd, after the Minimum is exceeded use-by date. In around 400 ALDI stores in the South of Germany so a new way should be explored to encourage consumers to be more sustainable. Because dairy products are often much more durable, as the date of minimum durability.

Many consumers throw away good food from uncertainty, because the specified date of minimum durability is exceeded. In order to increase the appreciation for food, printing ALDI SÜD, the note “Smell me! Try me! I’m often longer, good!“ on various dairy products, to encourage customers of a private health check.

More sustainability through appreciation

Since the beginning of the year, ALDI tested the labels on Milk cartons. The effectiveness of this campaign, the group reviewed recently by a consumer survey. “The Test has shown that our customers perceive the note, and also adjust their behaviour accordingly,” says Dr. Julia Adou of ALDI Süd in a press release to the campaign. According to ALDI, around twelve percent of the consumers could be through the notes encouraged to make the milk more to external factors such as smell or taste, as on the printed date of minimum durability.

The campaign will be extended

After the success of the milk ALDI wishes to extend the campaign to different type of cheese. Here, too, the consumer will be asked to leave the Verification of the shelf – more on their senses of smell and taste. (vb)