Do obesity 4 type, on which the success of his treatment

Do obesity 4 type, on which the success of his treatment


The scientists said that there are four different types of obesity. And not all his victims will get the benefits after surgery.

It seems that obesity is easy to determine because it’s just excessive amounts of excess weight. But now it turns out that obesity can be divided into four different types. Researchers from brown University in the US assessed the success of surgical operations for the treatment of obesity, through which passed 2,400. Based on these data, they designed 4 different groups of patients with obesity. It turned out that surgical treatment is effective or ineffective, depending on which group the patient belongs to. They hope that their findings will show people that there is no magic wand in the form of a surgeon’s scalpel to combat obesity does not exist, and often the victims of excess weight requires willpower to succeed.

Official names for these groups has not yet been invented. In the first group are patients in whom obesity developed before or on the background of diabetes, have a low level of so-called “good” cholesterol and elevated “bad”. In the second group are people who have gained weight due to unhealthy eating habits. In this case we have in mind is problems with the power of the will and gluttony, which can be caused by emotional circumstances and just temperament of the person making the food even when he does not feel hunger. In the third group are the victims of obesity, who do not belong to any of the other three groups directly, and has similar characteristics, overlapping each other. Finally, in the fourth group are patients in whom obesity early in childhood.

It is the second and third groups get maximum benefits from the surgery like gastroenterologia, as the study showed. Lovers of unhealthy food after this surgery lose around 30% of body weight. But in the first and fourth groups results after gastroenterologia not so impressive. (READ MORE)