Detox soy sauce almost ended in death

Detox soy sauce almost ended in death


39-year-old woman decided to hold a “body cleansing” with a liter of soy sauce. However, it is life-threatening procedure has led to irreversible consequences.

The theory of the supporters of alternative medicine about the presence in the body of some “toxins” that must be output using detox, and got to the United States. There are more people who believe in these unscientific assertions and resort to all sorts of dubious methods of “cleaning the body”. Their next victim was a 39-year-old woman, who was faced with irreversible brain damage after he decided to produce “clean” intestines of “toxins” through a litre of soy sauce. This lady, whose name was not called, drank the sauce in the full confidence that he will bring all the “waste” and toxins from the body.

Instead, the woman went into cardiac arrest and doctors at the hospital found that the salt level in her body has reached 200 g, 5 times the lethal dose. They tried to beat the indicators of sodium in the blood, but this change was too abrupt, which led to brain damage. The woman’s husband said that she had felt so bad having lost almost 12 pounds in three weeks. Within 6 months the woman had consumed only white bread and tinned fish, which led her to a powerful deficiency of vitamins and iron. The woman was sure that in this way “cleans” the body.

Shortly before the accident she was hospitalized on suspicion of paranoid schizophrenia. As it became known, she found on the Internet a video in which it claimed that the use of soy sauce, it completely clears the body of “toxins” and toxins. Now she was diagnosed with Central this myelinosis in which the nerve cells cannot transmit signals to each other. She was not able to speak and swallow, and control his limbs. (READ MORE)