COVID-19: New mask improves protection against corona virus – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

COVID-19: New mask improves protection against corona virus – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal


New silicone mask for protection against COVID-19

Now a new face mask made of silicone, the SARS-CoV-2 virus particles as effective as N95-stop masks seems. In contrast to N95 masks, the new masks were designed so that they are easy to sterilize and can be reused many times.

In the case of a joint research work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a mask was developed, which Reliably protects against COVID-19, and easily sterilized. The results were published in the English scientific journal “British Medical Journal Open.”

The new mask is as safe as N95 masks?


During the Corona-pandemic is an urgent need for N95 masks persists. The new mask is made of durable silicone rubber and can be manufactured in an injection moulding process. This production method is widely used in factories around the world. The mask also includes one N95 Filter, but it requires much less Material than a conventional N95 mask to be the case.

Goals in the production

To meet the demand for protective masks meet, trying to get the researchers on scalable methods for the production of to limit. The masks should be able to be sterilized in many different ways, in addition, the research group tried to maximize the reusability.

Problems in dealing with N95 masks


N95 masks, which health care Workers for protection against SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses to wear, are made of polypropylene fibers. These are specially designed for the tiny virus particles to be filtered out. In the ideal case, medical personnel should use every Time a new mask as soon as a new Person is treated. The lack of these masks, forcing the staff to wear the masks any longer.

Sterilization of masks is not possible everywhere

Many hospitals have to sterilize begun N95 masks with hydrogen peroxide steam. However, this method requires a special equipment which is not available everywhere, and even in this method, a mask can be worn only a single day, report the researchers.

Why is silicone used?

In the development of the new mask, it was noted that this sterilized safely and many times can be re-used. The research group decided to use silicone rubber as a Material. Liquid silicone rubber in the injection molding process can quickly produce and is easy to bring in any Form.

Benefits of the new mask

The masks are based on the Form of N95 masks of the type 3M 1860. The largest part of the mask is made of silicone rubber and it is possible to use one or two of the N95 Filter. These filters are so designed that they can be replaced after each use, while the Rest of the mask can be sterilized and re-used. “In this Design, the Filter can be inserted after use and then thrown away, and throws much less Material than in the case of a N95 mask,” explains the study’s author, Adam Wentworth from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in a press release.

Silicone material remained after sterilization, undamaged

After the Test of different sterilization methods, for example by means of steam, heating, and Soaking them in bleach and isopropyl alcohol, it was found that the silicone material remained undamaged.

Masks were subjected to a fit test

In order to test the comfort and fit of the masks, they were different subjects with the prescribed Standard-fit test. In this Test, the person puts on the mask and then performs a series of movements, so as to determine whether the mask remains in place. Here, a mist of sugar solution is piped into the room. The test subject can taste or smell is not sitting, the mask correctly.

The test persons were, with a mask-very satisfied

All Participants passed the fit test and reported that they were able to use the N95 Filter successfully and remove. In addition, they gave the new mask high ratings for fit and breathability.

Second Version of the mask is already developed

The researchers are now working on a second Version of the mask, the promise of more comfort and durability. Further laboratory tests should be performed to measure how many virus particles are filtered. In addition, a company should be established in which the production in a larger scale, it supports and permits required to obtain.

Masks-the lack of the second wave is very likely

A second severe wave of COVID-19 should occur, a mask defect in the healthcare sector is very likely. In addition, there is a need for additional masks in Parts of the world that do not have the for the sterilization with hydrogen peroxide required equipment. (as)

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