Blindness due to smartphone may

Blindness due to smartphone may


Scientists from the University of Toledo in the US established that a long “chat” with a smartphone affects the retina of the eye and go blind as a result of damage is possible. If every day you a few hours looking at the screen of the smartphone, there is every chance that the vision will begin to decline, experts said.

According to the screens of smartphones emit blue light, which can become a real “killer” for the retina. Experts have conducted experiments that helped to determine how the light emitted by the screens of smartphones, blinding people.

“Blue light can cause the appearance of toxic molecules, and in addition, it has a short wavelength,” warned the experts.
According to scientists, even before it was known that blue light, like the light of smartphones, impair your vision. Their experiences confirmed the validity of the views about the dangers of such light to the eye, they helped to clarify that the light smartphonetoday the retina and is able to give impetus to the process, which is quite possible to go blind. It provokes a chemical reaction in which components are produced, damaging to the photoreceptors – light-sensitive cells of the eye. Due to the loss of these cells may develop macular degeneration, an incurable eye disease leading to significant or even complete blindness.

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