Best supplements for sleep: The supplement proven to help you get a good night’s rest

Best supplements for sleep: The supplement proven to help you get a good night’s rest


Healthy sleep habits can make a huge difference in a person’s quality of life. Having healthy sleep habits is often referred to as having good sleep hygiene. A missed night of sleep is a fairly common experience for many and while sometimes it’s because of things out of your control, the end result of a sleepless night means the body is deprived of an essential component for good health and energy.


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Thankfully, there is a supplement one can take to help with getting the much needed recommended amount of sleep.

Taking this supplement has many powerful health benefits for the body and brain.

In fact, few nutrients have been studied as thoroughly as this supplement and it’s been found to help with a myriad of health problems. What is it?

Omega-3 fatty acids are incredibly important.

The nutrient has been proven to help in the treatment of depression and anxiety, improve eye health, promote brain health, improve risk factors for heart disease, reduce symptoms of metabolic syndrome, fight inflammation, improve bone and joint health and help prevent cancer.

Omega-3 fatty acids could also help with sleep according to recent studies.

What the studies say

Studies tie sleep deprivation to many diseases, including obesity, diabetes and depression.

When a person has low levels of omega-3 fatty acids its associated with sleep problems in children and obstructive sleep apnea in adults. Low levels of DHA are also linked to lower levels of the hormone melatonin, which helps a person to fall asleep.

In a study with the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, melatonin was analysed.

The study said: “Melatonin is secreted principally by the pineal gland and mainly at nighttime. Its most definitive physiological role is to convey information to the body about day length for a variety of physiological functions.”


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In another study, omega-3 fatty acids and sleep in UK children was analysed.

The study noted that sleep problems in children are associated with poor health, behavioural and cognitive problems, as are deficiencies of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. The evidence supports a role of omega-3 fatty acids in sleep regulation. 

In another study, fish consumption, sleep, daily functioning and heart rate variability was looked at.

The study investigated the effects of fatty fish on sleep.

The conclusion of the study was the fish consumption seemed to have a positive impact on sleep in general and also on daily functioning.

Taking an omega-3 fatty acids is vital for overall good health.

Fatty fish is high in omega-3 and its recommended to consume at least two portions a week.

For those who are not big fans of fatty fish, taking an omega-3 fatty acid supplement can give a person the same health benefits.

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