Alone in the bathtub: Why I brought my fourth child without any help to the world

Alone in the bathtub: Why I brought my fourth child without any help to the world


After Michelle, 36, brought her second and third child, with the support of a midwife at home, she met in the course of the fourth pregnancy, a decision that found many of the brave: Only your closest family should be present at the birth.

My husband and I have been married for 13 years, we have four children (8, 5, 3 years and 3 months). At the age of 27 I became pregnant the first Time. The pregnancy was completely uneventful, the Precautionary cared for a doctor and a midwife in the exchange, from the 30. Week of the pregnancy, then the midwife. I wish I had a home birth. It worked, almost, for the last “Kick” we drove to the hospital. The had no medical Background, but due to the fact that I seemingly had a lock in the head, and not beyond the point it could push. As soon as we were in the delivery room, was born my son. A few hours later we went to a third home.

Gut feeling and Intuition instead of extra studies, and a clinic-Team

The second and third pregnancy were also completely without any complications and both children were in the presence of my midwife, my husband and the siblings to be born at home. As I was now the fourth Time pregnant, it was immediately clear that I want to have a home birth – but it germinated the idea of a single birth. To inform me, I watched Videos on the Internet and read reports about single births.

I was lucky that I was at all pregnant the same midwife memberships supervised. Our relationship is very intimate, and I trust her. Also, this pregnancy was like in a picture book, I was cared for in exchange of my wife, the doctor and the midwife, where there was never vaginal examinations, and I made just what I wanted really (ultrasound, sugar test, my midwife without the glucose intolerance test, no cardio tokografie, no extra tests).

For me, it was important that we experience the pregnancy in a holistic way as a family. Pregnancy, all family members, not just me. That’s why I was always glad that my midwife came to our home and the children involved.

I had the feeling that my body confidence – and

I have to leave me during the pregnancies, always very to myself, my gut and my Intuition, from doing much with myself and can’t relax well, if too many people are around me. Therefore, it felt not good, as my midwife suggested I have someone for the birth and get to take care of the Big three, if the birth of the children too much. I thought: But this is my birth, I would like to determine, who is.

Even though my midwives were during the last births is very cautious, talking to me, of course, in between times, sent me to the toilet, or gave tips. But I wanted to decide alone, and I had the feeling that I can have on me and my body good trust. Through the ultrasounds, I knew how the child is, where the placenta is and that the child is healthy.

I informed myself about birth and about what to do if it is to occur under birth complications. I did not worry because of complications – I just knew that everything goes well. Would leave me this feeling, I would immediately call my midwife or the rescue. But I was absolutely without fear and was happy to be just on my self-determined birth.

A single birth is really brave? I mean, no!

I discussed my desire with my husband and some friends. All of you said, that would be a very brave and that they wouldn’t dare. But a single birth is really brave? I mean, no! We women are pregnant, all the time – and we give birth to. I think we just agreed that we can alone. We are being told that we need to have all the tests and even extra studies, that we need the “safety” of the hospital. We are not, our Intuition, our gut feeling is one that we are guided and other-directed.

I don’t judge anyone who opts for the way of the hospital. And I don’t verteufele the hospital, the medicine. It is important and absolutely necessary! Nevertheless, I have decided to go for the alone birth.

12. August 2018 my calculated date of birth was. I had contractions for almost two weeks of Practice, sometimes regular, sometimes irregular, but on the 12. The month of August were these painful and regular. During the day, in ten minute intervals, in the evening, between five and eight minutes. My husband and I looked back to our series on Netflix, sleeping children. After two episodes it was at 21:40 and we decided to go to bed.

I knew the Baby would come – nevertheless, we fell asleep again

In the night, I was more often due to labor awake, but felt always lying down more comfortable than standing, the contractions were so much more pleasant for me. Shortly before 24 o’clock I was awake, went to the toilet and saw that the Schleimpropf had solved. I knew now that the Baby is coming soon. I went back to bed and my husband asked if everything was all right. I said Yes and we slept in fact, again.

As of 4 PM, I realised that the contractions were stronger and I began to breath. At six o’clock I got up, went downstairs and into the kitchen, opened the shutters and let in the Morning. I drank a little and placed me on the Sofa. Our son came down and noted with disappointment that the Baby was still in the belly. As I said, it will come, but today, he ran upstairs and woke his sister and also my husband and the Youngest were now awake.

My husband made Breakfast and I veratmete in front of me, first Standing, then Sitting, then I lay down, because it was for me the best. After Breakfast, my husband asked if he could have a quick shower. I replied in the affirmative, the children sat on the Sofa and were allowed to watch Peppa pig.

I wanted to get my kid in the tub

Suddenly, at about 7:45 p.m., I realized with a Woe that fruit water ran out of me. The contraction was strong from now on so that I had to vertönen. I couldn’t believe it, because I knew that vertönen means that now the press will start labor. I could hardly believe this, because, actually, I found the previous contractions still painful enough.

As I had a contractions pause, I asked our son if he could get me a towel from the top. I heard he was running high and my husband just came out of the shower. Our son told him he need a towel, mom’s fruit bubble would burst. Then my husband came down and asked what he should do now, and I just said bath to fill! He went upstairs and prepared everything while I set to music more in labor. In a labor break, I went to “quickly” to the top, took off my clothes and climbed into the tub, which was, of course, still very little filled.

The children had stayed down, I had told them that I’ll go in the tub as the Baby comes safely soon and that you can come if you want to, at any time.

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I had always wanted to get my child in the tub, but in the previous births, I was able to relax me and then never, because I simply had not found the right Position. This time I went only with press contractions in the tub and automatically in the all-fours position and leaned me over the edge.

I knew that it was now almost

Then the contractions were even more intense, my husband put a cool rag on the neck, perched in front of the tub and put his Hand just on my Arm and that is exactly what helped me. He was there for me, without that he had to make a lot of. I felt with every contraction, my Baby slipped further and further down, then I felt very clear, like the head was about to be born. I took it back and in fact, I could touch the head. That was totally crazy and at the same time it has relieved me, because I knew that it is now almost done.

My husband asked three Times if he could call our midwife. It was agreed that it is the U1 there to look after me and the Baby. Since I knew that the child is born equal, I said he could call the midwife now.

And then the head was born. In fact, he was completely out. I had a Hand on my child and realized that he had already turned so that the shoulders were right. I had to press again and suddenly he was there. At 8:50 PM. I cried: There he is! My husband was completely surprised and we are both so proud and happy. It was exactly as I had wished: Quickly, home alone and in the tub.

The birth was just as I had, you desired me

I took our Baby out of the water and put it on my chest. It was still a bit blue, and I touched the umbilical cord. They pulsed, I relaxed. I also saw that it was screaming breathed, it quickly became rosy and began to. I was over the moon.

My husband took the kids. I’m never going to the ends of the dam, curious faces of the three children that were so full of awe and anticipation. This very special radiation, especially of the Youngest, were so heart-warming, and just for us. We had these moments with no one to share. Then the midwife, the Baby and me. We were both healthy, I had no birth injuries. After she left, I went down to the living room and our family began to time to sixth.

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