A youthful appearance is associated with longevity

A youthful appearance is associated with longevity


Scientists from the University of southern Denmark affirmed the link between a youthful appearance and longevity, stating that if the person looks younger than his years, he is likely to be long-lived. However, this pattern is the experts think is fair in relation to people from 70 years and older.

“Eating the face of a man 70 years of age, looks younger than this age, the probability of its longevity,” stated the researchers.
The project, which tied a youthful appearance with longevity, was an 8-year observation of more than 400 pairs of elderly twins. The subjects were periodically photographed, and, in addition, the participants passed the examinations. Photos of the twins had to be evaluated by independent experts invited scientists people need to determine the age of the people in the photographs on your own look.

Scientists noted that people who are in the photo seemed to others more youthful, tended to longevity. 37% of twins over the study period died. Most of them looked older than his years, was established by the authors.

Earlier Magicforum wrote that perceived age is more important than actual years. Scientists say that how you perceive the age man himself, can be a key factor as his youthful appearance of a man, and, conversely, early aging.