A hot bath reduces blood sugar and inflammation

A hot bath reduces blood sugar and inflammation


Scientists from Loughborough University in the UK found that a hot bath can reduce inflammation and blood sugar in physically inactive people who are unable or unwilling to exercise. The results of their study published the Journal of Applied Physiology.

“The hot water reduces the level of inflammation and blood sugar for people leading a sedentary lifestyle and is not engaged in physical activity,” said scientists.
Scientists conducted an experiment in which participants – inactive men who are overweight took a moderately hot bath with water temperature of 39 degrees. The volunteers were immersed in water up to his neck and held so for some time.

Previous studies already showed a link between human body temperature and the production of nitric oxide, a substance that helps to transfer glucose through the body with blood. This time, measure heart rate and blood pressure showed that even one dip in a hot bath increases the production of nitric oxide and other substances that improve glucose metabolism. In this regard, after a hot bath have also improved aspects of the inflammatory profile.

In the study, a hot bath, the participants were taken daily. This eventually led to the decrease in the level of fasting blood sugar and insulin levels.

At the same time, hot baths are contraindicated. Such baths can not be taken with certain chronic ailments, for example, cystitis and diseases of the genitourinary system, hemorrhoids, dermatological problems.

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