A chip in the brain that helps prazosinem to use a computer

A chip in the brain that helps prazosinem to use a computer


A tiny chip implanted in the brain, has allowed paralyzed patients to send text messages by thought. They were even able to play the piano.

Scientists have developed a revolutionary device that allows paralyzed people the power of thought to perform tasks that before seemed absolutely impossible for them. This interface between brain and computer may be connected to the tablet to send text messages, display weather forecasts and even to play on the digital piano canadianpharmtabs.com. Took part in the study, volunteers suffering from severe paralysis, went through the installation in their brain chip the size of a tablet of children’s aspirin. The chip installed in the brain area called the motor cortex. She is responsible for the planning, control and execution of voluntary movements.

Chip 100 contains electrodes that send signals to the computer. Computer equipped with algorithms capable of determining the moment when the brain is forming thoughts in order to transform them into a team. These commands and reads the tablet computer. Each team is then sent via Bluetooth to the tablet, as is usually the case with wireless mice. Due to this paralyzed person can, for example, to use all of the popular mobile application, activating only their thoughts.

In the experiment, the volunteers were sent thus email, chatted via the Internet with other people, used a mobile app to download videos, check the weather, watched videos on YouTube and even made an online purchase. And in one case a volunteer was able to play the famous “Ode to joy” by Beethoven on the digital piano. Overall, this technology seems very promising. (READ MORE)