5 rules to avoid a stroke

5 rules to avoid a stroke


Scientists are alarmed that modern life becomes a provocateur of the development of stroke in people at an increasingly young age – in our days of a stroke often catches its victims after the age of 40 years. Doctors told which plants you should adhere to to avoid a stroke.

The first rule of security: control of blood pressure. It should be remembered that hypertension is accompanied by the occurrence of stroke. After the age of 40 years must have a home blood pressure monitor, and from time to time to measure pressure. At high performance it is essential to visit a doctor. There is enough drug regimens, which allow you to control pressure, thus preventing stroke.

The second rule of security: inspect the vessels.Stroke leads to atherosclerosis – a vascular pathology, which for a long time does not manifest itself. Survey vessels allows to know the personal situation with cholesterol. In particular, according to doctors, you can do an ultrasound of the carotid arteries.

Third rule of defense: do not drink or smoke. The fact that alcohol and tobacco are risk factors for stroke, scientifically proven. By the way, within five years of quitting stroke risk is reduced to the level of never smoked.

The fourth rule of security: activity and lack of excess weight. To improve their security from a stroke, any good regular activity – you can just walk. Almost the same damage that a sedentary lifestyle, obesity brings. But dropping 5 kg weight loss can lower the pressure by 5 mm Hg. article

The fifth rule of protection: be aware of yourself. You should always consult specialists when such symptoms as dizziness, floaters before the eyes, dullness of sight and hearing, noise and ringing in the ears.

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