5 professions that lead to lung cancer

5 professions that lead to lung cancer


Medical experts have made a rating of the professions from which at most risk of becoming victims of lung cancer.

Profession №1: the miners. Not surprisingly, the list of professions that lead to lung cancer, miners go first. They are like anyone often have to inhale the dust of underground resources. One of the components of such dust –Crempse is able to provoke the processes in the lung, contributing to the emergence of tumors.

Profession №2: masonry. Almost the same as the miners, they are constantly in contact with dust from stones, sand and clay.

Profession No. 3 and No. 4: work the plastic processing industry.These jobs can also lead to lung cancer, as engaged in this industry, workers often have to breathe in the fumes of heavy metals and toxic gases produced as a result of processing of plastic.

Profession №5: builders. They have almost daily to inhale the particles of asbestos.

According to scientists, the air in the factories breathed by the representatives of these professions, did not promote lung health. This problem is exacerbated in the case of saving for respirators and means for purifying the air

“The main external factor in the development of lung cancer is exposure to chemicals such as cadmium, asbestos, pair of charcoal and wood dust, arsenic, uranium, radon, diesel and other toxic fumes. These circumstances lead to the development of tuberculosis, chronic lung disease and heart failure,” said the compilers of the list of hazardous occupations.
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