15-Year-old Smartphone in a bathtub and dies

15-Year-old Smartphone in a bathtub and dies


The 15-year-old Irina Rybnikova, died last Saturday in the bath, after you used your Smartphone. The reason for the misfortune of a tragic mistake you can easily avoid.

Irina Rybnikova from Bratsk in Siberia used your Smartphone in the bathtub. Nothing out of the ordinary. The problem was in your case, however, that the phone was connected to a charging cable and thus power, as “The Sun” reported in reference to the local media in Russia.

While she was in the bath, was slipped the phone out of your Hand into the water and died of an electric shock. The phone hadn’t been connected to the electricity, would not have happened with the tragic accident.

Relatives found her body

The lifeless 15-Year-old little was found later by Relatives in the bathroom. The school girl was in her home known as a successful Martial artist in the area of Pankration, a blend of Boxing and Wrestling. She dreamed of one day become a world champion.

To avoid such serious accidents, it is advised that electronic devices are not in the proximity of water to the electricity grid.