10 life hacks to cope with burnout

10 life hacks to cope with burnout


Burnout call a deep emotional fatigue, when nothing brings you joy or what not forces, and felt only frustration and irritation. Full of hopelessness, against which rest almost powerless. How to rekindle the extinct fire?

1. Active rest
It just seems that the best rest in a state of burnout to flop on the bed. Emotional burnout from this will not do. Better – somewhere to go, something to visit. In General, to move and get fresh impressions.

2. Sober look
Along with passive recreation, alcohol is prohibited, although in this state and attracted to “a drink” to relax, to relieve stress, get a portion of enjoyment. If a “shot” – a one-time event, it certainly can be. But if it becomes part of the system – a state of burnout will only get worse.

3. Healthy sleep
Get enough sleep. About the benefits of healthy sleep thesis writing. Sleep is rest and recovery. Sleep is a cure for stress, fatigue and burnout. So do your best to night to sleep safely – reduce activity, ventilate the room, drink herbal teas.

4. Meditation
Perhaps the only form of passive recreation, which can be recommended for burnout – meditation. Proven that meditation improves brain function, reduces anxiety, strengthens the immune system emotional. Should pay attention to.

5. The lack of haste
Not be equal to the level of productivity, which was. While it is for you – an unattainable bar. Just take it as a fact – now you are able to live life to the fullest. List, make only the most important. Do not take on the extra load. Delegate responsibility. Don’t take serious decisions. Take your time.

6. The search for the cause
Perhaps burnout is a consequence wrong way. Or life impasse. Cause emotional devastation can be severe or worst job, the wrong relationship. Have the courage to admit it and something to do with it – to change jobs, break up with a partner.

7. Communication with animals
Pets – antidepressants. Treat depression, stress and burnout better tablets. Well with this feature, except dogs and cats cope aquarium fish, hamsters and so-called “ant farm”.

8. Control of emotions
It should be understood, in this state many actions are committed under the influence of destructive emotions. So before you yell at or close to succumb to the temptation of going on a binge or Bender, soberly analyze the situation. What is more important to maintain a relationship with a man or to blow off steam? To have good health for a while or to fall into oblivion? Learn to control immediate desires and to prioritize.

9. A change of scenery
Any setting different from the usual, will bring new impressions, which are good food for mind and soul. Please note horseback riding, go-karting, Breakfast or dinner in an unfamiliar cafe, a trip to the countryside or to another city.

10. Balancing
Finally, consider to what extent you care about these three areas, the soul, the body and mind. Perhaps in your life are sports and intellectual activity, and vents no. Or, on the contrary, the body is deprived of attention. Or the mind. Meanwhile, to develop and to fill need all the three realms without exception.