Chubby Cheeks, Sibling Snuggles and More: The Cutest Photos of Kate Hudson's Daughter Rani

Chubby Cheeks, Sibling Snuggles and More: The Cutest Photos of Kate Hudson's Daughter Rani



Hudson posted a sweet photo of her enjoying bath time with Rani, and reflected on love in the caption. 

“I hold my babies as I want to be held and ask for no returns,” Hudson wrote, “I love my babies with the freedom of knowing they are different than me and supporting their human right to individuality. I just love them endlessly.”

The actress continued, “Mistakes will happen, people are flawed, to be human will only ever be imperfect. Would we want it any other way? Perfection…what is that anyway? But when we hold one another, when we love, we can forgive. When we love, we transcend all negative noise. When we choose love, we chose the good life. And if you think love didn’t choose you, remember, someone out there, scratch that, MANY people out there are ready to bring you in and share love with you. Choosing love means you’re never alone💫❤️”

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Daddy’s Girl

In honor of Father’s Day, Hudson posted a photo of Rani getting a kiss from her dad, Danny Fujikawa. 

Hudson wrote, “Loving Daddy ❤️ Rani Rose is a lucky lady to have a daddy like you. Her great protector, her first true love. Thank you for being such a beautiful father. Love you.” 

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Cuddle Up

Rani and her older brother, Bingham, have mom wrapped around their fingers, “They really know how to get me to say yes to more #screentime,” Hudson admitted of her kids. 

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She’s a Natural

“FASHION clearly nature not nurture… 💕,” Hudson wrote of her stylish little girl. 

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Lots of Laughs

Rani sure knows how to bring the fun and make her mama laugh. 

“I tried to get Rani to laugh with me, and turns out she knew exactly what she was doing! #BornComedian,” Hudson gushed on Instagram. 

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Welcome to the world, Rani! “Our little rosebud,” Hudson captioned the first photo she shared of her and Fujikawa’s baby girl. 

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