BIONORICA: health from nature

BIONORICA: health from nature


A healthy lifestyle natural. Our bodies are designed to eat natural food, move actively, to observe the seasonal and circadian rhythms… And the realities of our days is not a hindrance for a healthy life. Rather, the contrary.

Globalization and infrastructure development has enriched our diet with Goji berries, Chia seeds, quinoa, almond milk Smart watch to Wake us up in the right phase of sleep. Water aerobics, TRX, fly-yoga today, it’s easy to find activity for body and soul! In short, take care of health and stay in harmony with nature in our days simpler and more convenient than many people think.

But even people leading a healthy lifestyle, sometimes get sick. And here arises the eternal question: how to treat? The medication should be effective, easy to use, thus natural and safe. Folk remedies are not always effective, and to resort to heavy medical artillery is advisable only in extreme cases.

And here comes to the aid of modern phytomedicine! Many familiar herbal remedies, the German company of Bionorica, COE: Sinupret, Imoprt, Kanefron, Mastodinon (before use of medications, consult with your doctor). We have all heard these names, but few know the uniqueness and main difference of drugs Bionorica, SE from other herbal remedies.

Medication Bionorica, all of this herbal medicine, which has scientifically proven efficacy. The composition of each the result of painstaking laboratory research, precisely calculated and the most effective combination of herbal ingredients.

For example, Sinupret contains an extract of gentian but only its roots, because it has a secretolytic action. In Mastodinon fruit extract of Vitex Agnus-castus, which reduces the level of prolactin in the body, the excess of which causes PMS and breast.

Products Bionorica, XIE combines naturalness, efficacy and safety. No wonder Sinupret, Imoprt, Bronchipret and other medicines officially entered the Cabinet of the German Olympic team as an effective and allowed the anti-doping Committee for use during the competition.

Next year the company will celebrate the 20th anniversary of proprietary technology for production of phytopreparations of fiteering (from phytos engineering and plant engineering). Following his principles, Bionorica, the CE creates the real green medication for those who want to stay in harmony with Nature in sickness and in health.

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