What are the consequences of failure in penis enlargement

What are the consequences of failure in penis enlargement


What happens if the operation to increase the penis fails. Scientists told about these dangers of this procedure, as deformity and even gangrene.

Statistics show that more than 60% of men are dissatisfied with penis size and wish to increase it. Many men believe that women requires them in bed that’s what, and if if the size of the penis is not large enough to satisfy a partner will be difficult. Although polls have repeatedly shown that this is absolutely not true, men still think large size for what they can be proud of. Therefore, surgery to increase penis with the help of various injections have become so popular in recent years. However, these operations are not without side effects and failures.

The first in this plan a similar study examined 11 failures of operations to increase penis. Among them – gangrene, deformation, a sharp decrease in the length of the penis, infection and massive swelling. The very thought of such an outcome may cause trembling of the man who is sent to the injections. The study authors emphasize that the seemingly safe injection, is designed to increase penis size, can cause devastating and long-term complications.

Scientists from the University of California, Irvine found that the injection of substances into the tissue of the penis was performed in most cases with the use of products based on silicone. One of 11 men alone, he injected himself into the penis the saline solution, the other two have been through injections of fat or substance to the replacement of soft tissue. Four have these injections yourself. They were awarded the deformation, infection, gangrene, chronic ulceration and massive bruises. Many patients need a full surgery, and in some cases, the tissue of the penis had to be cut with a scalpel to remove diseased areas. In this regard, the authors of the study write that penis enlargement is often touted as a safe procedure with minimal risks, but the current observation showed that the risks are very substantial. (READ MORE)