Half of the time to eat, instead of eat the half of it – Why interval fasting works

Half of the time to eat, instead of eat the half of it – Why interval fasting works


The Brunch Anna Engler is welcome to eggs and bacon. Since there can be up to ten strips of Bacon. “I’m an absolute gourmet,” says the 32-year-old Berliner. You waive any of your favorite foods and still being able to steadily. Since February, now already 14 pounds. Your Method: Intermittent Fasting.

Instead of the classic healing several days of fasting, nothing to eat, pause at the interval of fasting in between. “You do not have to count calories, but hours. Instead of ‘eat half’ is: ‘eat half of the time’,” author and doctor Eckart von Hirschhausen the principle to the point. He had lost ten pounds.

Interval fasting, even intermittent called the end of fasting, has been booming for years. On a number of Internet blogs at the end of their reports, Almost. In Facebook groups, tens of thousands of members exchange tips and Tricks and motivate yourself with Before-and-After pictures. According to experts, the method corresponds to the nature of the people: Finally, hunters and gatherers were not three meals a day.

The waiver of the waiver was one of the main reasons for the Boom, says the Berlin-based naturopath Andreas Michalsen. “It is not a real diet, but only a temporal displacement of food, otherwise there are no rules”, the Charité Professor and chief physician at the Immanuel hospital, where annually about 1500 is almost the end of care – both curative almost the end of the meal several days in a row nothing, as well as interval almost at the end.

16 hours without calories

Anna Engler fast after the 8:16 method: eight hours per day, you eat the rest of the 16 hours there were only calorie-free drinks such as tea or water. Also black coffee is allowed. The Breakfast is omitted. “I hated all the time anyway and make me always feel tired,” she says.

Brunch with friends should be. Your meal time plan you flexible. If a dinner takes up in the night, give it to the first meal on the following day just in the afternoon. You can fast only on four days per week. Otherwise, the studied economy eats engineer, without looking at the clock. The 8:16 method is one of the most popular.

Other fasting according to the 5:2 method. You eat five days per week of normal, and take on the other two days, only up to 500 kilo calories. As harder the “pure” interval fasting, the following applies: a day to eat a day without.

The body switches from carbohydrate to fat metabolism

Why the pounds are dwindling, says Annette Schürmann, German Institute of human nutrition Potsdam-Rehbrücke. She has been conducting research for years in mice. Their metabolism is less complex, but the people are similar. “Mice eat constantly, burning only carbohydrates.”

A period of fasting to ensure that the body from carbohydrate – switch to fat metabolism. “This means that in order to really fat will be burned, and the deposits will be reduced,” says Schürmann. In addition, not so many of the toxic intermediates accumulated in the liver. Mice were again sensitive to the hormone Insulin, which can prevent type 2 Diabetes.

Also, the cell regeneration will be stimulated. “When we fast, we give the body time to repair mode in the cells and genes to turn on,” says Michalsen with a view to Autophagy, a process of garbage disposal in the cells of the body. “There is an incredible Wealth of extremely impressive research on animals.” For example, studies pointed to a protective effect against dementia, strokes, heart attacks and cancer.