5 tips for the care of irritated skin

5 tips for the care of irritated skin


With inflammatory phenomena of the skin at some stage of life, facing almost every one of us. Dermatologists from Germany gave 5 basic tips on how to solve this problem.

Use cold water. If you washed your face with cold water, this will help to mitigate the skin inflammation. However, try not to use harsh scrubs. Also should not be too long to wash face with cold water, as it will simply wash away all the sebum.

Follow the food. You should always remember that power often depends on the level of skin inflammation. It is very important to pay attention to diet in that case, if the problem of inflammation has become chronic. Try to include in your diet more fruits, green vegetables, and dried fruit.

Frequent hydration. Due to inflammatory processes in the upper layer of the skin is often quite dry. Moisturizing help to solve this problem and protect the skin until then, until it will restore itself from the inside. When choosing a moisturizer make sure that your chosen product has anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to cool and soften the skin.

Smaller sunlight. One of the main factors leading to inflammatory processes of the skin is excessive exposure to the sun. If you are in the sun too long period of time, especially if you have sensitive skin, the risk of damage increases. When leaving the house in Sunny weather, protect the skin with sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.

Loose clothing. Sometimes inflammation on the skin accompanied by redness, irritation and itching. And combing the skin, we make the problem only more pronounced. Wear loose clothing because tight clothes friction to the inflamed areas of the skin is enhanced. (READ MORE)