16-Year-old dies after treatment for eating disorders – now the mother against Doctors is going on

16-Year-old dies after treatment for eating disorders – now the mother against Doctors is going on


After the then-14-year-old Libby was diagnosed with an eating disorder, it was after a long illness in April 2018, at the age of 16 years, in a psychiatric hospital. The girl from Shropshire in England made it a little later to let the Doctors believe that she was as good as healthy. She was dismissed. A little later she was dead.

Libby’s mother, Rosemary, remembers how bad it was for the family, as Libby no longer started to eat properly. With the age of 14, she began to starve. “I’ve always had problems with my weight and thought they would be and how I would change, lose weight and diets to try out. I had no idea that she would develop an eating disorder,” said the 52-Year-old the “Shropshire Star”, a UK news portal.

When your daughter talks more and more decreased, and also friends, the mother, went to Rosemary with her to the doctor. “You had to take off her top. She didn’t look emaciated, but she was thin and I thought, my God, how could I not notice that?“ so is the mother.

She convinced the staff to dismiss you

After Libby was diagnosed with bulimia, she was institutionalized last April in the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford, where it was transferred to 16-Year-old to the clinic for eating disorders, “Newbridge House” in Sutton Coldfield.

Libby was able to convince the local staff, however, after a few weeks of that she felt much better and was dismissed in July. Although your mother may have asked you to keep Libby out of the hospital. Your concern that your daughter was still dependent on the help that had been too large.

“No one can ensure. I love you very much“

However, the Doctors let Libby go. It was good, the girl on the 23. August credibly conveyed, as she went with her mother to an appointment with their Doctors. And, although she is, according to the news portal is still not normal eating. Just three days after the appointment, she was dead. Her brother Alex found her lifeless in her bed. She had died of heart failure due to a potassium deficiency.

A few days before Libby is supposed to have written a letter in which she told about her illness: “no one can ensure. I love you so much.“

“You shouldn’t have to die”

After her death, her grieving mother called for a Fundraising campaign. Because they are the Doctors who dismissed her daughter, who was obviously not healthy, the guilt of their death. “We are all angry and sad. You shouldn’t have to die,” said the mother, according to the “Shropshire Star”.

Therefore, it calls for a detailed investigation of the Case, to find out if Libby’s death could have been prevented. Currently an investigation against two Doctors who had treated the girl.