Losing weight through sports and proper nutrition – answers to common questions

Losing weight through sports and proper nutrition – answers to common questions


1. Takes you through movement?

The rule of thumb for losing weight is that If you burn more calories than you take in, you take off. And with each step, your body consumes calories. In the end, it is always a combination of diet and exercise, which leads to weight loss.

2. People who exercise regularly burn more calories in everyday life?

Athletic people have more muscle mass and therefore a higher metabolic rate. That’s why athletes burn even more calories when you’re just lying lazy on the Sofa.

3. What exactly is this reason, sales?

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Our body is like an engine that needs to be regularly with carbohydrates, fats and proteins, fed to make it work. The amount of calories needed to maintain vital functions of the organs, is called basal metabolic rate (BMR). People loitering all day in bed, the GU adult between 1300 and 1800 calories. Trained have a higher JV.

4. The basic sales can be permanently increased?

Yes – strength training! The body converts fat into muscles and build additional muscle mass. These new muscles will burn then in a state of rest more calories. Each pound of muscle mass consumes the day, around 60 kcal more energy than a kilogram of body fat. In a month, extrapolated the 1800 kcal corresponds to a year of 21,600 kcal. Seen in this way, strength training is the best diet that you can imagine.

5. Should I adhere to certain meal times?

Earlier it was said that one should eat at least two hours prior to the Sport, nothing more, and drink. Today, the recommendation is to go neither hungry nor thirsty to the Training. The last major meal should be taken about three hours before the Sport and then about an hour before a bite to eat, such as half a banana. Directly in front of the sports unit, you should be eating but nothing more, otherwise your body is busy with digestion.

6. Should I be running in the morning before Breakfast or on an empty stomach?

The liver works at night, therefore, the coal hydrate memory in the morning, relatively empty. For a half-hour casual duration of the run, the energy reserves from the rich then, especially if you have eaten the day before lush. The Rest is a matter of taste: Some people start fasting, other of coffee and a Snack need. If you are planning a unit with a little higher intensity, approximately a Ten-mile tempo run, should pieces rather really early, otherwise the performance suffers, and there is the danger to come in the sugar. After that, not immediately break into a run! They allow the organism to Digest.

7. To I take, if I right after eating?

No. For To and Decrease the total counts amount of calories you eat throughout the day. For the Regeneration of the 45 to 60 minutes directly after the sports unit is particularly important. Therefore, you should drink a lot during this time, the best fruit juice spritzers. So fill your coal on hydrate memory. You can also eat something Light, such as a wholemeal bread with cheese

8. What I have, before, during and after the sports drink?

In front of the sports best drinks are non-carbonated, such as unsweetened tea or mineral water. “If you want to travel longer than 30 minutes, you should drink in front of the Sport for about a half a Liter,” says sports physician Hans-Georg Predel. During the sport, you need no more liquid to be incorporated unless you are in a busy football game or play a multi-hour tennis match. In this case, you should drink every 20 minutes 0.2 liters, preferably water or an isotonic drink with a temperature of 15 to 22 degrees. After the Sport, fluid intake is a top priority. Best to drink grapes right after the end of the activity, place a large glass or Apple juice, mixed in a ratio of 1:2 or 1:3.

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